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Effective LEadership for the 21st Century

A conscious and compassionate communication

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Training Courses available

Godfrey offers training sessions for professionals and non-professionals alike.  When working for institutions or corporations, he takes real life challenges as examples to work from to achieve the most effective synergy throughout a group.  His expertise is in harnessing the leadership energy of each and every individual involved; a non-competitive, collective process which creates responsibility for moving forwards together.


The training is deliberately interactive, punctuated by brief explanations of the relevant Nonviolent Communication (NVC) theories. All of the exercises allow participants to work on situations from their day to day experience with a view to integrating an effective NVC process into their future working environment. High quality, sustainable relationships flourish as a result.


See a list of Professional Courses Godfrey offers here.


See a list of Private Life Courses Godfrey offers here.


Please note the following French language courses this summer 2016:


Chère participante et cher participant,


Voici deux liens à cliquer pour deux annonces de stage que je donne cet été.


1.  Cours intensif du 14 au 19 juillet à Eancé en Bretagne.

2.  L'European Intensive Course (EIC), avec traduction anglais-français et vice-versa, du 5 au 14 août à Montolieu dans les Pyrénées.


Il reste des places.   Je me réjouis de vous y voir !


Tout le meilleur pour vous,



"I was so taken aback, so deeply touched by your humility, your authenticity, your humanity and your congruence that, even though I was acquainted with some NVC concepts (intellectually), it was truly this quality of being with you which enabled me to take these concepts on board, to make some holes in my protective armour so as to integrate them."  - Vincent


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