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Effective LEadership for the 21st Century

A conscious and compassionate communication

  • Becoming the coach-leader of a high performance organisation

  • Career management: making the choices and giving one's professional life meaning

  • Listening to oneself with deep clarity in order to communicate better

  • Improving communication in order to work together better

  • Sharing responsibility: from power 'over' to power 'with'

  • Discover why your people don't do what you expect of them

  • Genuine communication

  • Empower your interpersonal skills

  • Develop sustainable relationships

  • Increase dialogue beyond racial, language, cultural and social borders

  • Vitalise the emotional organisation: fully expressing one's anger, without resorting to violence, and receiving others' anger

  • Moving from conflict to cooperation

  • Nonviolent Communication mediation: resolving conflicts creatively

  • Conflict management and mediation: the manager becomes mediator

  • Negotiating with no losers

  • Enhancing my relationship to time: managing priorities

  • Managing change: overcoming resistances with caring

  • Appraisal and counselling without penaties or rewards

  • House rules where all those concerned adhere

  • towards a humanised business culture

  • Recreating lively and creative communication within the organisation

  • Burn-out: prevention rather than cure

  • Stress management

  • Preventing haressment at work: towards greater consciousness in order not be a "harasser"

  • Preventing haressment at work: towards great assertiveness in order not be be "harassed"

  • Managing harassment at work: when "victim" and "bully" regain their status of human beings

  • Accompanying future retirees at career's end

  • Preparing career's end and managing it

  • Radiating resilience

Some examples of topics relating to business and professional life Godfrey has been requested to run previously

Godfrey responds most positively to any training, coaching, mediating, conference speaking and leadership requests