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Effective LEadership for the 21st Century

A conscious and compassionate communication

  • Speaking to our children such that they listen to us and listening to them such that they speak to us  

  • Re-establishing living and creative communication within a family system

  • From domination education to an education in the service of life  

  • Educating with neither punishment nor reward

  • Re-establishing living and creative communication within a couple  

  • Child/parent/grand-parent, teacher/pupil, boss/subordinate, man/woman ... all fully-fledged human beings

Some examples of topics relating to private life Godfrey has been requested to run previously

Godfrey responds most positively to any training, coaching, mediating, conference speaking and leadership requests

Family and Children


  • Transforming our thoughts and judgments in order to come back to life

  • Dialogue with my body - How to establish a compassionate relationship with an illness

  • Coming back to life in order better to give life  

  • Moving on from survival to life - How to transform depression

  • Evolving from addiction and dependence to compassion and independence


  • Mourning: loss, celebration and growth  

  • Daring to say "no"!  

  • An end to the war between reason and emotion  

  • Caring and conflict ... at the same time!  

  • NVC gratitude

  • Caring for myself in order better to take care of others  

  • From destructive guilt to creative responsibility  

  • Making choices and giving life meaning  

  • Transforming our limiting beliefs in order to revitalise ourselves  

  • Welcoming and transforming our fears into living energy