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Effective LEadership for the 21st Century

A conscious and compassionate communication

Conference Speaker

Godfrey Spencer delivers conferences to private groups, corporations, non-profit associations and international institutions on themes which are important to them, including team-building, stress management, health issues,… One of his conferences, on the relationship between adults and children, was filmed as a DVD by a crew from Belgian national television. This video gives a good idea of what can be done in an hour or so, to give listeners a taste of conscious communication, Nonviolent Communication, the Rosenberg process and Godfrey's unique ability to connect.


The content of a conference is always adapted to the specific needs of the organiser and their audience. Godfrey's preferred method of delivery is interactive: people in the audience can use roving microphones to interact with him or to come on stage to take part in a role-play. These interactions make the mechanics of needs-based communication self-evident. They are often supported by an evolutive screen showing the steps involved in the process.


The audience experiences the deep relational advantages of communication that goes from thought to sensation in the body, from sensation to emotional state, down to the root causes of everything we feel: needs, deep aspirations, which can be met in a thousand and one different ways by any one of the seven billion people we make up on this Earth.


Should you wish to invite him to give a conference, please get in touch with one of the people shown under Contacts (or fill in the form). They will be able to give you a description of the content of the conference and take on board any adaptations you would like Godfrey to make.





"Yes, Godrey you get full marks in my book of appreciation with an extra star for your acting skills.  You can’t imagine what joy this gift has brought me.  What can I say but “merci beaucoup”.  Bless your kind heart my friend!" Love Sara


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