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Effective LEadership for the 21st Century

A conscious and compassionate communication

The Story so far...

Without question, communication lies at the heart of Godfrey Spencer¹s career. He read linguistics, philosophy and history at the University of Cambridge. He was a senior bilingual (French-English) interpreter at NATO.


Subsequently, he became an NLP master practioner, training in London, France and the US. He also trained with the Institute for Training in Intercultural Management. IBM Europe retained him for a period of fifteen years in a six-strong International Effective Communication team. Since 1997, he has specialised in Nonviolent Communication (NVC). He was appointed an expert to APM (Association Progrès du Management, Paris) and currently leads seminars for the Commission of the European Communities. He was awarded a year-long consultancy contract at the European Investment Bank. In addition, a subsidiary of the Dutch bank ING (Internationale Nederlanden Groep) took him on for an eighteen-month contract during which he trained and supervised two management teams. Since 2013, he delivered a team-building workshop for two senior management teams at the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. He has an ongoing commitment to contribute to ending the 33-year-long war in Senegal and has been invited to work with rebel leaders and government military chiefs, usually twice a year.


Trained by Marshall Rosenberg (creator of NVC), Godfrey Spencer became a Certified Trainer, Consultant and Mediator in 2001. He has received contracts from universities, bar associations, the judiciary, university hospitals, corporations, business training organisations and governments ... for which he is also called upon to coach and mediate, as well as to teach mediation and negotiation skills. In 2004, he was appointed to the Board of Directors of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Godfrey and Marshall

Godfrey feels most alive when focussed on the well-being of others.





Godfrey with Marshall Rosenberg